Drone Fun for Energy Development

We had a lot of fun on a drone shoot with Aerial Media Services at Plutus PowerGen’s site in Plymouth.

Since the introduction of intermittent, renewable power to the UK’s power generation mix, the National Grid is facing increasing instability and risk of brownouts and blackouts. For the foreseeable future, an alternative, reliable source of power is required to supplement the Grid during periods of peak electricity demand. Plutus PowerGen develops and manages flexible generation (flex-gen) plants that can be turned on rapidly, on demand, to remotely address any temporary shortfall in power supply.

As this is a relatively recent concept, and one which naturally concerns the communities where plants are being planned, we undertook the shoot to demonstrate just how surprisingly neat and small a flex-gen site is.

(But, it was also fun playing with the big buzzy thing!)

Posted on July 26, 2017 in Seaxburh News

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