Fun at Farmwise

We were lucky enough to attend the fun and popular ‘Farmwise’ event this year.

Now in its fifth year, this is an initiative supported by Devon County Agricultural Association (DCAA) and Devon County Council to connect children to their sources of food. Some 1700 primary school children visited throughout the day, and had a wide range of hands-on experiences with animals and crops, from milking competitions and handling ducklings, to guessing the names of organs and where to put them on a real pig carcass. A number of tenant farmers ran these activities, and subtly promoted farming as a valid and exciting career option for children from non-farming backgrounds.

Seaxburh and our client Eden Westwood attended as VIP guests of DCAA Secretary and Chief Executive, Richard Maunder. This provided a terrific opportunity to mingle with councillors and some other impressive influencers within the farming sector to discuss how the major edutainment/educational venture we’re proposing at J27 might achieve the goal of educating consumers about food, promoting Devon’s produce and boosting the field of agronomy as a profession. As food security becomes a critical political if not humanitarian issue, this is a timely topic about which we’re passionate.

Posted on November 11, 2017 in Seaxburh News

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