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Seaxburh MDAA Case Study


The Mid Devon Attractions Association had recently emerged from a more wide-ranging town and tourism group in the area. Members include a wide range of top Devon visitor attractions, such as Coldharbour Mill, Devon Railway Centre, Knightshayes (National Trust), the Tiverton Canal Co. (Horse Drawn Barge) and the Tiverton Museum of Mid Devon Life.

While its members collectively had huge ambitions for their organisation, market sector and district as a whole, they were struggling to agree on the common goals and first steps.


Help the newly formed Mid Devon Attractions Association (MDAA) to determine its strategic direction and priorities, develop a pragmatic marketing plan and create its corporate identity.


  • No brand/track record; starting from scratch
  • District comparatively poorly recognised as a day-out destination (local and visitors)
  • Lack of tourism ambition by District Council
  • Local lack of local pride in district’s tourism offer
  • Small active membership
  • Members with competing audiences, priorities and expectations
  • Unequal level of commitment/time availability
  • Unrealistic initial brief; tight budget vs much to do

What We Did

  • Recruitment of impressive line-up of local movers and shakers to stakeholder panel – including college principals, editors and tourism heads and district council chief
  • Research: reviewed relevant local development plans, perception interviews, analysis and report
  • Redirected original wide-ranging brief to more achievable first-phase goal
  • Secured additional free support and resources from the Mid Devon Gazette and Petroc (college)
  • Facilitated a brainstorming on the primary objectives and brand positioning
  • Developed the brand’s SWOT assessment, key messages and tagline
  • Wrote comprehensive marketing plan
  • Designed six logo concepts to put to member vote


In the debate about its logo, MDAA members determined they wanted:

A nod towards Mid Devon, with its red earth and rolling hills
To look reassuringly well-established, professional and authoritative
To convey that this body intends to set, lead and raise the standards within the local tourism sector.

The illustration depicts the final, selected logo.

MDAA now has a cohesive identity, members working in a common strategic direction, a comprehensive but pragmatic action plan, and committed influential stakeholders upon whom the organisation can draw for support. This will help the organisation to establish the credibility it needs to drive its highly ambitious long-term vision for its membership, market sector and district at large.

Client Feedback

‘Your hard work, great communication and attention to detail on the brief, as well as the final achievement of our Association’s branding and logo, has been nothing short of fantastic. As a consultancy you have also taken time to understand and relate to the larger strategic elements of our group/Mid Devon which has, in turn, given us very real tangible goals to achieve in the near future. A big thank you, on behalf of the Mid Devon Attractions Association.’

Phil Brind, Chair of Mid Devon Attractions Association

Posted on July 7, 2018 in Portfolio

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