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  • I have worked with Niki for several years in the development and public consultation for the multi-million pound Eden Westwood project. Her ability to distil complex messages into simple propositions tailored to communicate with a wide range of audiences has been very impressive. Her copywriting, project management and networking skills are also impressive – and proactive rather than reactive, demonstrating the Project’s confidence in facing the community of its neighbours and stakeholders. This has ranged from Councils to Business groups, college students to anxious shop owners in neighbouring towns. Niki has a rare ability to quickly read the mood, and gain the trust, of a wide variety of people, enabling her to constantly adjust our communications strategy to pre-empt issues, convincingly state our position and even convert critics into advocates.She is a smart, creative, resourceful and pragmatic person; tough if needs be, yet invariably enthusiastic and fun to work with. In short, I recommend her without reservation.

    — Sir Tim Smit KBE, Executive Vice Chairman and Co-founder of the Eden Project —
  • I’ve worked with Niki and Lucie on two high profile strategic projects in the SW. They are both extremely effective communicators who bring a highly empathetic and human approach to projects. Their input has enabled the teams to convey very clearly the benefits that each scheme would deliver, creating a strong rapport with certain groups; while appeasing and managing key opponents. They have been instrumental in establishing strong relationships with influential contacts throughout the SW, and have an ability to turn complex technical issues into user-friendly and persuasive language that has helped them engage and secure the support of stakeholders of all types, making them an asset for any client team.

    — Tony Clements, Partner (Town Planning) of Rapleys —
  • Anchorwood Bank is a huge regeneration project for Barnstaple but our plans were not always popular. With Lucie’s help we reset understanding of the scheme and gained support. There is now huge enthusiasm for the project amongst local stakeholders and we are about to move forward with Phase Three.

    — Andrew Pegg, Managing Director of Wessex Investors —
  • Having been surprised by a formal objection from a seemingly supportive Town Council, we recruited Seaxburh to identify and mobilise influential supporters for our planning application ahead of the Unitary Authority’s planning committee meeting. Niki’s wide-ranging stakeholder engagement, lobbying and communications campaign was absolutely fundamental in turning the tide, achieving overwhelming support from all quarters of the community, and ultimately consent with an 11:1 vote in favour of our scheme.’

    — Tom Pinder, Executive Development Manager at LondonMetric Property plc —
  • Lucie has been a key member of our consultant team since 2011, managing communications and building relationships with stakeholders for a range of our development projects across the South West. She works with all members of the development team to turn complex concepts into language and images that effectively communicate with the lay person and her enthusiasm and passion for projects is infectious.  

    — Tim Jones, Chair of South West Business Council —
  • Seaxburh is one of the few agencies who always seems to just ‘get it’ first time. Not afraid to constructively and helpfully challenge thinking, and always coming up with new ways of looking at a subject, they provide invaluable support, particularly when we need something done quickly that doesn’t look like it’s been done quickly! Wholeheartedly recommend the team.

    — Andy Collingridge, Global Communications Director of Smiths Group plc —
  • Niki’s hard work, great communication and attention to detail on the brief, as well as the final achievement of our Association’s branding and logo, has been nothing short of fantastic. As a consultancy you have also taken time to understand and relate to the larger strategic elements of our group/Mid Devon which has, in turn, given us very real tangible goals to achieve in the near future.

    — Phil Brind, Chair of Mid Devon Attractions Association —
  • Lucie worked directly and indirectly for me at BBA Aviation for over 10 years as an internal and external communications expert. She is highly creative and has an ability to distil complex and detailed information into clear messages for multi-channel, multi-media transmission that are very and equally effective for the target audience they are designed to reach – whether it is blue collar workers or highly sophisticated financial investors. This creativity, coupled with her relentless focus on the goal and her excellent project management skills makes her the most effective communications professional I have worked with in 35 years in finance and international business. Not only is she an exceptional communications professional, importantly she is also a great team player and fun to work with. Anyone who has Lucie on their team is very fortunate indeed.

    — Simon Pryce, Group Chief Executive of BBA Aviation plc (2007 - June 2017) —
  • As my career has progressed through marketing management and directorship, I have returned time and again to your consultancy for PR and copywriting work because no-one hits the ground running like you do. No matter which audiences I’m targetting, I know Niki will immediately get across the hot media topics in our key sectors and will be able to use this knowledge to strengthen the appeal of our case studies and press releases to the relevant media.

    — Vickey Wallis, former Marketing Manager/Director of Torex, Atmos International, Omnico - and now Symatrix —
  • You provide a rare blend of strategic business nous with graphic design and copywriting skills. Niki’s redirection of our branding strategy has given us far greater market reach and recognition, and a much bigger return on our marketing investment.

    — Ivan Durkin, Managing Director of STL Technology Solutions —
  • I have worked with Seaxburh’s designer over a number of years on a series of projects, including a suite of print and on-line publications to promote recreation in the Yorkshire Dales National Park and to encourage responsible behaviour amongst our visitors. The service received has been superb. He responds quickly to requests for quotes and produces high quality materials to often challenging deadlines. He is fast to understand the requirements of any particular project and come up with good designs first time. This high quality and efficient service is much appreciated and is what leads us to using your consultancy time and again.

    — Mark Allum, Recreation & Tourism Manager of Yorkshire Dales National Park —
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