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Hunts Grove is a new garden community situated adjacent to the M5 and the villages of Hardwicke and Haresfield, on the southern edge of the city of Gloucester. Over time, it will grow into a community of c2,500 homes with superb access to Gloucester, Stroud and the M5 corridor.

Hunts Grove I comprises 1,750 homes with 115 acres of open space including community parkland, play areas, sports pitches, nature conservation areas and cycling/walking trails. The phased build also includes a new 2FE primary school, a local centre with shops and other community facilities and a new access from the A38.


Working with the Crest Nicholson project team, develop and execute a multi-faceted stakeholder engagement programme and manage ongoing local relationships to support the planning process.


Like all strategic, multi-phase developments, this is a complex project with numerous stakeholders. Keeping all parties informed and providing clear channels for meaningful, two-way communication is a vital part of the planning process.

What We Do

Seaxburh Partners has been working with Crest Nicholson on the Hunts Grove development since 2013. Today, we manage communication with political and local stakeholders, including residents, on a daily basis, along with planning consultation activities related to the strategic elements of the site. These have included consultation on the new access, the school and a large proportion of the POS.

Posted on September 28, 2018 in Portfolio

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